We enable you to do business without employer risks. We carry the legal employership, which means that we take care of the payment during sickness for example. Our payroll services ensure a coverage of almost all your employer risks.

You want to do business and prevent spending all your time administrating. We get that. That’s why we take care of your entire personnel administration. You focus on recruitment, selection and supervision. We take care of the administrative hassle. This way we both do what we’re best at.

We believe that doing the same job deserves the same reward. That’s why your payroll employees receive the same payment as ‘permanent’ employees. Satisfied employees will result in better performances. Guaranteed.

We are always up to date with the latest laws and regulations regarding payroll and collective agreements. We therefore ensure that all contracts, collective agreements and other related matters are always 100% compliant with the current legislation.

Payroll enables you to work with flexible contract forms, so you can quickly react to sudden market changes, over- and understaffing. With a payroll contract, you can easily adjust the number of employees needed.

You are always aware of the costs if you start payrolling via WePayPeople. You’re only paying for the worked hours after all. If you know the number of hours worked, you know your monthly costs. No fine print.

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