A recognized sponsor is an institution with an interest in the stay of an immigrant in the Netherlands. As a recognized sponsor, WePayPeople is authorized to fulfill the application for residence permits for highly skilled migrants and all associated administrative and legal matters. We have been recognized as an official sponsor by the Dutch Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND).

A highly skilled migrant is an immigrant who lives within or outside an EU/EEA member state or in Switzerland and has permission to work in a country where his or her knowledge is required. A highly skilled migrant has specific (academic) knowledge and can therefore (temporarily) fill (complex) vacancies at companies.

Highly skilled migrants can only be hired via an official IND recognized sponsor. This results in an accelerated application process, so your brand new employee can start working in no-time.

The 30% ruling -or 30% facility- is an arrangement that enables your employer to ‘reimburse’ certain costs that you incur during your stay in the Netherlands. These costs are called extraterritorial costs. The 30% ruling in short: without further proof, your employer may pay you 30% of your wages, including the compensation, tax-free.

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