A smooth transition is important. That’s why you receive assistance from an implementation manager who makes sure your back office is implemented in no time.

Not having to look after the payment of your temporary workers anymore. A dream we turn into reality. Each month, we pay over 10,000 employees, so we know exactly how everything works. Always correct, always compliant and according to the relevant collective labour agreement.

A low liquidity pressure benefits your company or employment agency. We pre-finance the wages of your employees, so you can keep your financial pressure low and your potential growth high.


On your request, we monthly realize the full billing towards your end customers. We also take responsibility for this. This results in one less task for you to look after and more time to invest in your business.

We take full responsibility for your payments towards clients and cover all the employer risks for your temporary workers. Always according to the right certifications, such as NEN, SCC and Kiwa.

Our portal focuses on the processes of employment agencies and is continuously updated with feedback from our users. In the portal, you and your employees receive a tailor-made digital file. Not only accessible to you, but also to your temporary workers. Time registration, documentation and other important matters. All in one clear place. Fully according to your branding and 24/7 accessible.


We solely work with tailor-made solutions. As a result, the costs for outsourcing your back office differ per request but always with one thing in common: you receiving the best deal.

We determine our rates based on contract forms, way of forming, debtor portfolio, payment conditions and the volume of the back office. This means that the rate for outsourcing your back office differs per request.

In some cases, lower costs are applicable to contract forms and payments. This also includes allowances and for example overtime and wage cost benefit. We always charge things such as net expense allowance and pension premiums one-on-one.

We guarantee that your employees -by registering them in our online portal- are ensured and ready to start within 5 minutes. No waiting times, letters or difficult contracts.

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